Our portfolio

Our portfolio complements university courses, offers training to learn how engineers and scientists work in the space sector, and organises events in close collaboration with the university sector and space industry to link academia with industry through innovation centers.

The Ghost mission

Design your experiment, launch it, and touch the near-space environment! Now this is possible by participating in the GHOST project. GHOST is a NASA suborbital rocket that will be launched from Andøya Space at the end of 2025. It will carry out student experiments from several countries, aiming to unveil the secrets of the near-space environment and perform space technology tests. Apply now if you would like to join!

AIT training

Andøya Space Education offers facilities to train students in assembly, integration, and testing routines. These include a clean room for student training purposes, ESD learning, CubeSat integration training, testing facilities. The goal is to provide a practical insight to these important steps in the space mission design. These facilities are used, among others, as part of the space master’s program at the University of Oslo.

«Fly a Rocket!»

The “Fly a Rocket!” program is a collaboration between ESA, Andøya Space Education, and the Norwegian Space Agency. This international student rocket program was introduced in 2017 and is aimed at bachelor students in the beginning of their studies.


Students at university level from Norway and Canada travel to Andøya Space for a week with the aim of building and launching a student sounding rocket.

Illustration of two small satellites in orbit over Norway.

Space mission design module

This is an online introductory course covering the main aspects of space mission design. It consists in a collection of pre-recorded lectures plus online meetings for enriching the experience with active learning and working group activities. This module is being used by some Norwegian universities for complementing courses.

Space weather and atmospheric physics

Several courses focusing on space weather and atmospheric physics, offered by various Norwegian universities, enhance their curriculum through practical activities in Andøya.

These include launching weather balloons for atmospheric research, utilizing facilities like lidars and the Maarsy radar at the Alomar Observatory to gather data on atmospheric phenomena, and examining their impact on weather and climate. Additionally, they integrate real-time data and satellite observations to correlate solar activity with geomagnetic field properties and monitor the Northern Lights from a unique place dedicated to observing and recording this spectacular event.  

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Andøya Space Education is a fully owned subsidiary of Andøya Space focusing on providing space-related education for all levels from kindergarten up to university level.

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