Our values

The company stands on the shoulders of our extraordinary employees. We strive to provide a motivating and inclusive workplace, and we define ourselves through three core values.


We work closely together with our customers and partners. We believe collaboration is the key to achieve mission success.


Doing the impossible excites us, and we turn every stone to bring a project to completion. The answer to a challenge might not be the obvious one and we want to foster an environment where ideas and suggestions can flourish.


In aerospace one often only get one chance. The key to success is quality and safety. We are flexible in all areas except those two.

Andøya Space Code of Conduct

Andøya Space is a member of UN Global Compact and is committed to respect all international recognized basic human rights and decent working conditions. Andøya Space is also committed to abide by UNs guiding principles on business and human rights (“UNGP”).

Andøya Space expects that all employees, partners and suppliers know of and abide by the Andøya Space Code of Conduct. The document describes requirements linked to human rights, decent working conditions and sustainability.

Andøya Space also expects that all suppliers and partners in turn require the same from their suppliers and partners. Andøya Space reserves the right to carry out regular evaluations of suppliers.

The Code of Conduct can be downloaded here. Potential new partners and suppliers must read and accept the terms before doing business with Andøya Space. A more detailed description of how Andøya Space adheres to basic human rights and decent working conditions is done through a yearly report.