Andøya Space is committed to the seventeen sustainable development goals through our membership to the UN Global Compact. For us, this means contributing to the global 2030-agenda with enabling technology in space, as well as investigating and mitigating our impact on the environment.

The environmental ambitions for Andøya Space start with the local environment at our facilities at Andøya, in the waters surrounding it and the community we are part of. They continue with the safe conduction of all our missions. We recognize that our activity impacts the local community and industry, particularly the fisheries and tourism industries. Andøya island is acknowledged for its outstanding natural beauty. The area has a flourishing tourism industry inhabiting one of the eighteen scenic routes in Norway as well as popular whale watching activity. The land and sea areas host a wide biodiversity and the proximity of the continental shelf and Gulf Stream provide critical breeding areas for fish regularly visited by numerous sea mammals. At a global level, our activity inevitably involves release of CO2 to the atmosphere and launch debris into both sea and space.

An important element of our environmental work is knowledge about how our activities affect the environment, regardless if it is good or bad. Only through knowledge and awareness of our actions, will we be able to reduce the negative impact and increase the positive results. Our ambition is that environmental and human factors are equally important to economic factors in the decision-making process. As a minimum, the consequences for the environment shall be known and considered well before any decisions are made.

Through transparency, Andøya Space hopes that an environmental mindset, actions and measurements will inspire and contribute to research and development within all relevant fields to reach the company’s reason of being. We believe positive repercussions will happen when measurements performed for safety or environmental purposes are handled and stored in a way that they can be used for scientific purposes as well as for their primary motivation.

Andøya Space is a member of UN Global Compact Norway as of 2020. This is the first step towards making the global sustainability goals part of our everyday business through access to tools, networks and guidance.

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