Would you like to become a part of a team that empowers scientists, engineers, companies, research organisations, government entities and authorities to fly, launch, research, test, educate and inspire?

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Title Deadline
Åpen søknad December 31, 2024
Financial Controller June 23, 2024
Lead System Developer June 30, 2024

Andøya Space has chosen to use Webcruiter as our main platform for recruitment. The list above retrieves all our vacant positions from Webcruiter. To apply you need to register your CV at Webcruiter.

Andøya Space is a Norwegian aerospace company that operates in many areas. We manage two launch bases for suborbital research rockets, we conduct geophysical observations, we provide advanced test and training facilities for the Norwegian armed forces and its allies, and offer space-related training at all levels. In 2023, we opened Norway’s spaceport, which provides infrastructure and services for companies aiming to launch satellites into polar and sun-synchronous orbits.

Our customers and partners come from all around the world, and our employees span many fields of expertise and categories, representing diverse nationalities.

Collaboration is a fundamental value for us, as most tasks are carried out in small teams. We emphasize good communication and collaboration skills. Additionally, we work within an industry that demands precision and focus on quality, and safety.

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