Corporate management

We strive to provide a motivating and inclusive workplace, where our employees can reach their full potential. With the guidance of our experienced corporate management, we enable our employees to grow and reach our goals.

Management group

Our management consist of key leaders from all business departments.

Management is led by:

Ketil Olsen,
CEO and President of Andøya Space

And joined by:

Gunnar Jan Olsen,
President of Andøya Space Defence

Jøran Grande,
Acting President of Andøya Space Education

Kjell Toften,
Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Staff

Kolbjørn Blix,
Vice President of Sub-Orbital Division

Ingun Berget,
President of Andøya Spaceport

Tore Østby
Chief Financial Officer

Håvard Berg-Olsen
Chief Operating Officer

Kjell-Einar Johansen
Chief Human Resources Officer

Combined, this group has experience from all our fields of operation, from across different companies, both in private and public sector.

Many of them have been with us for decades, building competence in their respective fields of expertise, whereas others have joined the company more recently, bringing new ideas and perspectives into Andøya Space.

Together with our competent employees and new aspiring talents, we empower explorers.