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​​Today work began to establish a new cooperation between Norwegian and European universities based on the possibilities opened by the new European spaceport under construction at Andøya Space. The cooperation is a three-year project with the name “Norwegian Space Academy” with the goal of establishing an attractive and complementary program for universities in Norway and Europe.​

The Norwegian parliament have pointed to the importance of facilitating for new space education programs in relation to the new spaceport under construction at Andøya. This as a part of educating the future workers of Norway’s space industry. That is the background for the 6 MNOK, three-year project.  

Today, during her visit to Andøya Space, the leader of Nordland County Council Elin Dahlseng Eide, announced that the Nordland County Council grants 2.9 MNOK to the project. This comes on top of previous grants from Andøya Municipality and the Ministry of Education and Research. 

– This is good news, and means that we can, together with academia and the space industry, start the work of establishing the new cooperation, says Anne Margrethe Horsrud, president of Andøya Space Education.  

– Our goal is that the Norwegian Space Academy shall be an attractive and complementary program for Norwegian and European universities in the future, says Jøran Grande, project manager at Andøya Space Education. 

Fylkesrådsleder Elin Dahlseng Eide og prosjektleder ved Andøya Space Jøran Grande

About Andøya Space Education

Andøya Space Education is a fully owned subsidiary and represents the educational part of Andøya Space. Andøya Space Education provides courses, seminars and activities within space-related subjects for kindergartens, schools and universities, and aims to inspire and educate the next generation of scientists, engineers and explorers from all over the world.

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