Andøya Space contributes to Latvian innovation center


Andøya Space Education aims to inspire children and students both in Norway and abroad through world class space education. When a space innovation center is currently being built in Latvia, it is done in collaboration with Andøya Space.

Andøya Space Education has signed an agreement with Cēsis Municipality to contribute to the establishment of an innovation center in Latvia. Onboard is also Riga Technical University.

The goal of the project is to promote the development of knowledge and career choices in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by establishing an innovation center in Cēsis, Latvia, focusing on space.

The innovation center will be based on bilateral cooperation, where educational programs, workshops, co-working places, maker-labs, and other interactive activities in the STEM area are developed for school children and students, teachers and preschool children, and their parents.

– We are exited and inspired about this project as it will create new jobs, increase tourism and economic development in Cēsis region, as well as make STEM education innovative and more interesting, says Ilze Sestule, public relations project manager at Cēsis municipality.

Cēsis has looked to Andøya for inspiration when developing the content of their new innovation center, as Andøya Space has been launching science rockets since 1962 and has more than two decades with space education experience.

– We look forward to working with Cēsis Municipality in this project, says Marcos Fraga, the project lead at Andøya Space. – For us, innovating and collaborating with Cēsis aligns perfectly with our corporate values.

The project has been funded through EEA and Norway grants organization.

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