Andøya Spaceport

Advances in technology allow for smaller and cheaper satellites, which again leads to a growing demand for launch capacity. With a substantial heritage in the suborbital launch business it is a natural evolution for Andøya Space to introduce an orbital service.

The spaceport will serve launch vehicles designed to deliver payloads of up to 1.5 metric tons, primarily using liquid fuel.

Launch Site Operator

As a launch site operator, Andøya Space provides the technical infrastructure, the launch pads and the buildings, while launch service providers bring their launch vehicles to our spaceport. Together we safely lift the customers satellites into their designated orbits. Andøya Space also offer logistical services to aid in transportation and customs handling upon arrival and departure, VIP-arrangements for launch campaign observers, a friendly work-environment for all our partners and customers present at the site and provide the overall safety and security regime required for a safe launch.

Polar Orbit & SSO

Andøya Space can offer launch inclinations ranging from 87.4 to 108 degrees. These are favorable for both sun-synchronous and polar orbits.

The flightpath ensures a trajectory whose ground track don’t cross populated areas. The large impact and dispersion area in the Norwegian Sea enables us to safely dispose of the spent stages.

Launch partners

Andøya Space provides the launch site and the on-site infrastructure, while our selected launch partners carries out the actual launch service for their customers.

User guide

Andøya Space aims to deliver an efficient service supporting high cadence operations for several types of launch vehicles.

Environmental Impact Assessment

A number of reports and analyzes have been made to understand the environmental impact a spaceport would have on the local environment at Andøya.

More information?

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