NAROM (Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education) initiates, develops, and performs educational activities, seminars and conferences at all levels of education within subject areas related to space, such as space technology, space physics, atmosphere and environment.

The organisation NAROM – partly supported by the Norwegian Government – was formed in 2000 to organise space education and ensure recruiting, promote appreciation for the benefits of space activities, and to stimulate the interest for science in general.

NAROM concentrates on
• Helping ensuring recruitment to the Norwegian space activities and to create an increased understanding of the benefits of space-related activities
• Creating greater interest in Science and Mathematics
• Being an important contributor in the provision of electronic educational resources within space-related education
• Being an important link between the Norwegian space-related industry and the educational system

The level of NAROM’s education program span from compulsory primary and secondory school to graduate university students.

For the coming year the following courses will have priority
• space physics (from the Earth atmosphere to our Solar system)
• space technology
• radiation and health
• atmospheric pollution and the greenhouse effects