Andøya Space Center and it´s subsidiary NAROM is heavily involved in space education and the promotion of science in general. The space industry is a technology driven industry and heavily dependent on specialized engineers and scientists.

  1. The Grand Challenge Initiative – CUSP Project student rocket: G-CHASER
    The Grand Challenge Student Rocket (G-CHASER) is an essential part of The Grand Challenge Initiative (GCI), a large-scale international collaboration targeting advancement in our understanding of cusp region space physics.
  2. CaNoRock – Canadian Norwegian Rocket Programme
    A student exchange programme supported by both Norwegian and Canadian organisations.
  3. NAROM – Norwegian Centre for Space-related Education
    A subsidiary of Andøya Space Center focusing on space education.
  4. ESERO Norway – European Space Education Resource Office
    An ESA-office located to Andøya offering web and field based courses for high school teachers all over Norway.
  5. ANSAT – Student satellite programme
    Universities and Colleges build satellites which are launched in to space.