Where are we…?

Andenes is located in Northern Norway at 69oN,16oE

Andenes is located in Northern Norway at 69oN, 16oE (Image from Google Maps)

Andenes is the administration center in Andøy municipality, located in Nordland, Norway. In addition to being an old fishing village, Andøya Space Center was established just 5 km outside the town center in 1962. Since then, the small town has seen over 1000 launches of scientific rockets and hosted scientists from all over the world. Todays version of the Space center includes rocket launch facilities, a teaching center with the Spaceship Aurora and an extensive range of ground-based scientific instruments under the responsibility of ALOMAR.


Due to our location in the north the climate can be cold, compared to the rest of Europe. The average temperatures in September vary from 7 to 10 degrees, but the occasional warm authum-day is not unheard of. It is however, nice to be prepared for colder days, so packing warm and preferably waterproof clothes can be a good idea. Especially for the whale safari trip, warm clothes is important! (Think layers… Lots of layers!)

Check out the weather forecast before you finish packing for your stay here!

What to do…?

Andøya is an island of stunning nature with numerous hiking opportuneties. Should time permit, it is highly recommended to take in some of the amazing scenary from one of the mountains in the area surrounding Andøya Space Center. It is possible to hike directly from Andøya Space Center to ALOMAR (Located on the mountain Ramnan, 379 meter asl.). Just ask for directions!

There is a varied selection of stores in Andenes ranging from souvenir shops to clothing stores and cozy coffee-shops. For more information, see Visit Andøy.