The Grand Challenge Student Rocket – G-CHASER (RockSat-XN)

g-chaser-sticker-transp-backgroundTHE Grand Challenge Initiative has decided to include a complimentary student rocket as part of the Project, to be launched from Andøya Space Center (ASC) in Jan 2019. It’s intended to be a mesospheric (apogee ~190 km) student rocket. We have to come back to the actual number of students, but I guess in any case that would be luxury problem. The instruments could be both technology tests or actual science instruments.

Download the G-CHASER fact sheet: asc-grand_challenge-fact-sheet-2017-revision-1
Download the G-CHASER steering group fact sheet: asc-gchaser-partner-factsheet-2016

Head over to the G-CHASER page at Colorado Space Grant Consortium: RockSat-XN

The idea is to implement this project in line with what was done in conjunction with the ESPRIT project in 2005-2006.

The ESPRIT Project at Andøya Space Center in 2006

The ESPRIT Project at Andøya Space Center in 2006

Comments from the former ESPRIT students of 2006: SPIRIT students weigh in

The next step for G-CHASER is to invite you, the interested institutions to an initial meeting, which could be at GEM/CEDAR in Santa Fe, June 21. The reason for choosing CEDAR is that we’re going to do a GCI meeting there, so it would be a great opportunity for you all to learn more about the whole project. This will be a fantastic opportunity for students to join the scientific community as part of a sounding rocket campaign that will go “into the books”. Currently, we’re looking towards using the NASA RockSat-X payload deck,  a modular system based around decks designed for suborbital flights with NASA Wallops Flight Facility’s (WFF), but launched from Andøya Space Center during the Grand Challenge Initiative Cusp campaign, in January 2019.

The following inst. (US and Nor) have expressed their interest in participating:


Time Schedule for G-CHASER

Current Meeting Schedule:

  1. Grand Challenge Initiative – General Meeting
    June 21st 2016 – 2016 Joint CEDAR-GEM Workshop, Eldorado Hotel and Santa Fe Convention Center, 1:30 PM
    – Agenda (TBD)
    – Minutes (in due time)
  2.  The G-CHASER Strategic Planning Meeting (by invitation only (core group))
    Sept 26th, Boulder, Colorado
  3. Mission Initiation Conference (MIC) for Terrier Improved Malemute 46.018 (Koehler/U of Colorado/G-CHASER/Norway/Jan-2019)
    October 26th, NASA Wallops

    1. MIC Results Memo for 46.018 UO Koehler/G-Chaser/Norway/Jan 2019: 46-018-uo-koehler-g-chaser-mic-results-memo
  4. G-CHASER splash at AGU Fall Meeting
    December 12th, Moscone Conference Center West, San Francisco, USA


Latest update: Mar. 22nd, 2017 (K. Blix)