The Grand Challenge Initiative – CUSP project


About the Grand Challenge Initiative – CUSP project

“With 6 NASA sounding rocket missions now manifested for the trilateral (USA, Norway and Japan) “Grand Challenge Initiative – CUSP project”, the GCI launch campaign in December 2018 and January 2019 will be a historic event. Consisting of 3 Black Brant XII’s, 2 Black Brant X’s, 1 Terrier Improved Malemute (G-CHASER student rocket), a SS-520 from ISAS/JAXA and 1 S30/Improved Malemute ICI-5 from Norway, this collaboration will be one for the books on sounding rocketry in terms of the amount of major scientific rockets in one launch campaign, the complexity in telemetry and the complexity in launch criteria for the two simultaneously used launch sites at Andøya, Norway and Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard.”

The statement comes from Dr. J. Daniel Moses, NASA Sounding Rocket Program Scientist, Science Mission Directorate, NASA Hq, Jan. 2017

GCI in the media:

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    Apollon – UiO
  • 11 raketter skal avsløre mysteriene i atmosfæren
    Teknisk Ukeblad

Updated Sept 22nd, 2017 (K. Blix)