Space Systems

Build Your Experiments
We’ll Take Care of the Rest!

As a customer, you get to concentrate your resources and efforts on your experiments. ASC will do the project management, build the launch vehicle, integrate it with your experiments and launch it from either Andøya (69 deg. N) or Svalbard (81 deg. N). The launch vehicle can be either a single-stage or multiple-stage configuration at 14 inches in diameter (356 mm). The payload section is customized for each mission, but based on standardized parts.

ICI-3 on the launcher.

To reduce costs it’s possible to share a sounding rocket flight with other groups. The ASC Hotel Payload concept is designed to meet the needs from several sectors, including – but not limited to:

  • research missions
  • educational missions
  • technology testing

ASC is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and has a quality management system to ensure mission success. When we design and build a launch vehicle, the single, most important objective is reliability. The ASC Payload Services is offered at a fixed price, depending on the mission.

Hotel Payload – A Cost-effective Workhorse for Scientific Research & Technology Testing

  • Test new spacecraft technology, new scientific techniques / or scientific instrumentation on a sounding rocket.
  • The rapid concept-to-launch for s sounding rocket make it ideal for initial space testing before the technology is included on an orbiter or deep space mission.
  • The payload section can be used for a wide range of experiments and purposes.
  • Middle atmosphere and ionosphere research.
  • Technology testing and verification in a genuine space environment.
  • Hands-on space education for future spacecraft engineers and scientists.
  • Smaller experiments can piggyback on larger payloads to save costs.
  • The flight can be timed to a specific geophysical event for in-situ measurements and / or instrument exposure.

Designing and Building a Payload

  • The payload is based on standardized, flight-proven structures and sub-systems. Missions with similar characteristics can benefit from the same design og sub-systems, saving both time and costs.
  • The payload is design and built by ASC. We can also aid in the design and construction of your experiments, thus reducing your need for your own engineers and technicians.

An Extensive Qualification Program

Before your payload can launch into space, it must pass an extensive qualification program to ensure it will withstand the trials of spaceflight without compromising the onboard instruments. The list includes (but not limited to):

  1. TM testing
  2. Spin and deployment testing
  3. Balance, static and dynamic
  4. Bend-down (static load)
  5. Thermal testing
  6. Vibration testing: sine, random and shock
  7. Vacuum testing
  8. Mass properties

Payload Services Keywords:

  • Project management
  • Single-stage or multi-stage launch vehicle
  • Payload qualification process
  • Recovery (parachute and flotation device)
  • Doors, booms, de-spin, motor separation

Additional Services:

  • Launch services from Andøya or Svalbard
  • Telemetry services
  • Support from ground based scientific instruments
  • Support from the ALOMAR Observatory