GUV Spectrometer

Biospherical GUV Irradiance Radiometer Ground-based Ultraviolet Radiometer

A 5 channel instrument designed to measure UV irradiance, with center wavelengths at 305 nm, 320 nm, 340 nm and 380 nm. Bandwidths are approximately 10 nm FWHM (Full Width at Half Maximum). The fifth channel is a PAR channel (Photosynthetically Active Radiation, 400-700 nm). The instrument is manufactured by Biospherical Instruments Inc, USA. The instrument is temperature stabilized at 40 degrees C. Time resolution 1 min. Using a technique developed by Dahlback (1996), we are able to derive from the raw data total ozone abundance, cloud cover information, complete spectra from 290 to 400 nm and biologically weighted UV doses for any action spectra in the UV. The irradiance measurements may also be used to derive spectral actinic fluxes to compute photo dissociation rates for different photo chemically processes

  • 5 UV channels
  • Bandpass (FWHM): ~10 nm
  • Centre wavelengts in UV: 300, 312, 320, 340 and 380 nm


  • CIE weighted dose rates
  • Integrated UVA and UVB irradiances
  • Total ozone abundance
  • Surface albedo and cloud estimates

Owner: Norwegian Pollution Control Autority