Brewer Spectrometer

SCI-TEC Brewer ozone spectrophotometer MK-III

The Brewer is designed to measure total ozone and the abundance of sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere. In addition the instrument measures direct and global (direct + diffuse) spectral irradiance in the wavelength range 290 – 372 nm. If direct sun is available total ozone is derived from direct sun measurements at 4 UV wavelengths. For cloudy sky conditions ozone may be derived from scattered UV radiation from the zenith direction. The present algorithm for derivation of ozone from zenith sky measurements is sensitive to clouds. Therefore we use a modified ds routine to redirect the 5 Brewer standard wavelengths through the UV-B irradiance port and use similar technique as with the GUV. This technique has shown to be little sensitive to clouds and therefore our Brewer now provide high quality ozone measurements the year around.

  • 5 UV channels
  • Bandpass (FWHM): 0.6 nm
  • Centre wavelengths UV: 306.3, 310.1, 313.5, 316.8, 320.1 nm


  • Total ozone abundance (primary standard instrument)
  • Total So2 abundance
  • Damaging UV (DUV) dose
  • Ozone profile

Owner: Norwegian Pollution Control Autority