Sounding Rockets

Sounding Rocket Launch Services

With ASC as your partner you can choose between two versatile launch sites, each with their own benefits.

Our launch site at Andoya (at 69° N) can serve multiple missions at once, backed up with a plethora of ground based instrumentation such as the ALOMAR lidar observatory.

ASC has launchers capable of handling all known sounding rocket configurations, enabling us to launch two Black Brant XII simultaneously.


Launching from Ny-Aalesund (78° N), Svalbard, your payload can fly straight in to the polar cusp, even if it’s powered by relatively small motors.

Svalbard’s combination of high geographic and geomagnetic latitude makes it well suited for scientific exploration of the daytime aurora and processes in the magnetospheric boundary layer and the polar cusp.

Huge Impact Area

Stretching north from Andoya, our impact area covers most of the Norwegian Sea.
This reduces the need to have costly and complicated attitude control systems onboard. You will also save precious weight, enabling your vehicle to reach higher altitudes or carry a heavier payload.

Payload Recovery Services

Our recovery vessels can retrieve payload sections of any size after splash down in our impact area. This has proven to be a cost-effective method, especially for longterm, yearly sounding rocket missions.

Perfect for Science

Your payload can reach any altitude desired from either launch sites, and it can be launched at any time of day.

Perfect for Technology Testing

Several experimental sounding rocket projects have chosen ASC for testing of new technology and new hardware. The Sharp Edge Flight Experiment (SHEFEX), the Mini-DUSTY experiments and the Hybrid Technology Rocket (HTR) are recent examples.

ASC provides complete launch services, payload environmental and mechanical testing, mechanical workshops, safety evaluations, technical know-how and more.