Published: 4. October 2016 by: Trond Abrahamsen

Fly a Rocket!

The European Space Agency (ESA), Andøya Space Center (ASC), NAROM and Norwegian Space Center has teamed up to offer twenty students the chance to participate in a sounding rocket programme.

The “Fly a Rocket!” programme is targeting students who may be too old to enter the secondary school CanSat competitions and yet who are not old enough or technically skilled enough to apply for higher level student projects.

Online Course

The students will meet online, working through a social media group.

The course is designed for students that not necessarily are studying space related subjects today, but who might wish to learn more about the space industry. The online course is flexible and it will be adjusted so it fits with the students regular studies.

The ‘Fly a Rocket!’ programme is designed to be a taster of what it’s like to work in Europe’s space industry,” says Alexander Kinnaird, Fly a Rocket! Programme Coordinator at  ESA’s  Education and Knowledge Management Office.

In 2017, the students will meet at ASC, to assemble and then launch their rocket.

More Information

ESA Looking for Students for its new Fly a Rocket! Programme