Published: 16. September 2015 by: Trond Abrahamsen

“CARE II” Launched


The Nasa sounding rocket “CARE II” was launched from Andøya Space Center on Wednesday 16th, at 19:06 UTC.

The vehicle followed a near nominal trajectory and reached an apogee at about 300 kilometers altitude. The scientific objective for this mission was to test the theories for radar scatter from charged dust, and it’s a continuation from the first CARE mission.

CARE is an acronym for Charged Aerosol Release Experiment, and involves releasing dust into the atmosphere. The dust release was monitored by a NASA aircraft, as well as from the EISCAT radar in Tromsø, the ALOMAR observatory at Andøya and the MAARSY-radar at Andøya.

Principal investigator for this mission is Dr. Paul A Bernhardt from the Plasma Physics Division at the Naval Research Laboratory.