Published: 19. September 2012 by: Trond Abrahamsen

HIFiRE 3 Launched from Andøya

On September 13th, Andøya Rocket Range launched the sounding rocket HIFiRE 3 for the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

The two-stage vehicle performed a nominal, sub-orbital space flight, powered by a VS-30 and an Improved Orion.

The space flight was tracked by both radar and telemetry systems, and achieved an apogee of well above 300 kilometers.

The HIFiRE program aims to learn more about hypersonic flight (speeds above mach 5), and consists of a series of experiments flown on several sounding rockets.

More Information

Mr Kjell Bøen, Head of Sounding rocket and balloon Dept, Andøya Rocket Range