Published: 6. February 2012 by: Trond Abrahamsen

ANSAT at the 4th European CubeSat Symposium

ANSAT students attending the conference

From left, Jøran Grande, Snorre S. Rønning, Gaute Bråthen, Kai Inge M. Rokstad, Marianne Bakken, Fredrik S. Holberg, Roger Birkeland. Toril Bye was not present. Photo: R. Birkeland

The 4th European CubeSat Symposium where held in Belgium 30. January – 1. of april.

A total of six students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology participated in the conference.

The students take part In the ANSAT project NUTS at NTNU which is a two unit CubeSat.


The students had a total of five presentations and poster at the conference:

Observation of gravity waves from a small satellite by means of an infrared camera by Snorre Rønning og Marianne Bakken.

Development on the EQUEST method for attitude determination by Torill Bye Rinnan.

Investigation of using a composite material for the CubeSat primary structure by Kai Inge Rokstad.

NUTS scientific mission, gravity waves.

Snorre S. Rønning and Marianne Bakken explaning the NUTS scientific mission, investigation gravity waves. Photo: R. Birkeland

Implementation of a three-axis attitude determination and control system for a double CubeSat using EQUEST method and magnetotquers by Fredrik Holberg.

Design of a three-axis attitude control system for a double CubeSat using only magnetorquers by Gaute Bråten.


The students got in touch with several other CubeSat communities and got a lot of attention because of their innovative and new ideas and approach.

All students returned home full of new ideas for their future work on the NUTS satellite.

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