Published: 3. February 2012 by: Trond Abrahamsen

Satellite Assembly

Final Assembly. Photo: Trond Abrahamsen, ARR

The Hincube student satellite is part of the ANSAT student satellite program.

The cubesat has been designed by students at Narvik University College, and they also built the electronic boards which will be the payload.

This month the parts are at Andøya Rocket Range where they will be assembled in to a working satellite by Range engineers Torbjørn Houge and Stian Vik Mathisen.

The work is expected to take about a month, and afterwards the satellite will be subjected to a number of tests to ensure it will withstand the rigours of launch.

After that it will be shipped to Netherlands later this year, where a Dutch company will bring the satellite to Russia and install it on the Russian launch vehicle.

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