Published: 2. February 2012 by: Trond Abrahamsen

Work Week

Last week the Range was visited by Tom Andre Pedersen, a student at Andenes Middle School. Every year all 9th graders must spend a week at a business or organisation, and Tom Andre chose us. This is his report:

This have been a different week than the other ones. Why, may you ask? Well, i’ll tell you why. Everyone in 9th grade, have been on different jobs. I have been on andøya rocket range I have been about every section here in ARR. And it have been really fun and educational. And this is what i’ve done so far.

Day 1.
I got introdused. Showed where the different sections were and such. And tested some GPS things.

Day 2.
First, i was at the electricity part of ARR. Then after lunch, i was in Admin section, i would have called it cleaning, cooking, office… cloofice?

Day 3.
I was sick 🙁

Day 4.
We drove to the mountain, to ALOMAR. Got shown the things they did up there. I saw the big lazer lidar things. Then we went down and ate some lunch. After the lunch, i went up to the market/communication section, and wrote these words i am writing right now.

Day 5.
I went back to the electric section, and in the last hangar they had there, we were going to test the test engine and propeller. And it didnt work out the way we hoped. There was always a problem, cables, pump, patrol. After the lunch, they were having a meeting, and i got some gifts, Yay. When they continued with the meeting, i went to write some more.  Later that day, i was going to build a model rocket, it was done just in time. So we went to launch it, but unfortunatly, it landed in the sea. But we had one in reserve, and the parachute didnt deploy. Well, nothing to do with that.